Louise England

As a young child I watched my mother receive osteopathy and saw the benefits she got from it.
My own studies led me into nursing and then midwifery and I have continued to work as a part-time midwife for the past 31 years! But I wanted something more and so 14 years ago I qualified as an osteopath. The midwifery has kept me connected with the NHS and approaches to treatment they use while at the same time the osteopathy has enabled me to see the huge potential of hands-on physical therapy and the impact it can have on peoples’ well being.
I have worked at Women and Health before and enjoyed my time there. Since then I have been working in two other practices, one of which is my own clinic in North London.
But I missed the sense of community and good will of Women and Health and feel it is a good time to return.

I am a keen swimmer and cyclist and so have a special interest in sports injuries as well as specialising in the treatment of acute and chronic pain. I practice qi gong which is an integration of physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intentions. This has informed the way I work and has inspired how I work using those elements.
Qualified NHS Midwife

Qualified Oesteopath

Osteopathy looks at the person from a mechanical point of view and emphasises the importance of the musculoskeletal system to a person’s overall health and function.

By using a variety of gentle and safe treatment techniques including massage, manipulation and exercise therapy, osteopathy can provide relief from:

• Back pain and sciatica

• Neck pain

• Headaches/migraine

• Tendon and ligament strains

• Stiff and painful joints

• Arthritic pain

• Prenatal and postnatal back pain

• Work related injuries

• Postural stress/tension



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