The exciting new Women + Health Garden Project

Due to a lack of adequate funding over the recent years,  we have not been able to give as much TLC to the outside space behind the centre. As a  result our outdoor area  has been looking somewhat bleak. 

However, our clients were really keen for us to turn this area into a green oasis.  Many local residents often don’t have a garden or even a balcony – and with Camden being so densely populated, and suffering the effects of all the regeneration works and air pollution - we need as many green spaces as we can get.

In particular, they said they wanted the garden space to be relaxing and tranquil – a green space with medicinal plants, plants that smelled nice, with raised planters so that people in wheelchairs and with back problems can participate.

A space where women who had experienced violence and rape could feel safe because of the proximity of female staff elsewhere in the building. A space that would inspire them to learn more about gardening and plant foods.

And now - because of a generous donation from Wates Construction who gave us £3,000 to kick start the project and a subsequent grant of £10,000 from Camden Giving (HS2 Fund) we are in a position to start breathing new life into our tired old ‘back yard’ and transform it into the welcoming, life affirming, calming, green space for the surrounding community we’ve been dreaming about.

A big shout out of thanks to Wates - Abbey Road, Camden Giving, the Discovery Volunteer Team and all our other volunteers who have got us to this place.

We are so excited about the next stage of work to begin in early January 2019.




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