board of trustees

Board of Trustees (2023)

Lesia Haliv

Laura Dix 

Judith Millecker

Cass Wedd 

Elizabeth Rawson (Treasurer)

Laura Dix (Chair)

We hope that you will become interested in becoming a trustee for Women + Health. We are looking for a trustee with fundraising experience with a charity or foundation or comparable skills working in business. 

We would look for this trustee to help with/take the lead on the Management Committee on the fundraising strategy, fundraising events and fundraising with corporates and high net worth individuals, developing our supporter base. 

The trustee would participate in monthly evening fundraising subcommittee meetings and weekly or biweekly meetings when preparing for a fundraising event. These meetings run up to 1.5 hours. The trustee would work together with the director of Women + Health, the Management Committee of trustees and the fundraising coordinator.

We aim to have a range of different client voices on our board so would particularly welcome applications from Survivors of domestic and sexual violence, people with experience of using complimentary and alternative medicines,  disabled people, people with experience of counselling and therapy and/or mild to moderate mental health issues.

 Please contact our management committee for more information, , or send us your CV and we will be in touch

We are happy to talk with you about what being a Board Member is all about and how you might like to become involved.

You could also check out the Charity Commission’s site: ta/file/544220/Jigsaw.pdf



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