Carolina Sanchez

Bookings: Mondays from 14:00 – 17:00


Therapy: Holistic Massage & Yoga 1-1

My history working with women started more than 10 years ago after graduating from my BA in Dance degree. Throughout this time I have been working with women from many different backgrounds, ages and fitness levels and I have always felt much rewarded by it.

I have been teaching Yoga and also work as a Massage therapist in London in various community settings such as Henna’s Asian group, Hopscotch, Hibiscus Initiatives and LAWRS (Latino American Women Right Services), as well as social services projects like Turning Point and Build on belief (BoB). I consider myself as a passionate, friendly and approachable therapist always there to provide a kind, professional and mindful service to my clients 

ITEC level 3 Diploma in Massage

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher  

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) registered

Holistic Massage Holistic massage promotes a strong sense of wellbeing and provides deep muscle relief. The word Holistic derives from whole; in this context it is used to highlight the multiple benefits it can have for the individual – impacting the four aspects of being: physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional. The therapy consists of a full body massage using different strokes for specific purposes such as relaxation, stimulation, tension release, muscle toning and increasing the range of motion. Pressure application is adapted to each client’s individual needs, however it is never intrusive or painful. The massage works on the larger primary muscles of the body and is recommended to anyone who is in need of body restoration, relaxation and vitality. I use organic Sunflower oil for the body and Almond oil for the face. (For those with nut allergies please let me know inform reception at time of booking, so I can source a more suitable oil or cream for your therapy session)  

Yoga Hatha Yoga is a holistic discipline which aims to awaken the individual as a whole (body, mind and spirit). Through asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) students direct their minds by focusing on body sensation as an anchor for meditative states. A good foundation of yoga asanas will lead students to develop their bodies in terms of flexibility, alignment, balance, range of motion and so on.



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