Domestic Abuse Workshop + Sound Healing – 13th Dec 2019


Freedom Programme - In collaboration with the Phoenix Rose Project


10:30-12:30 Friday 13th Dec 2019

4 Carol Street

Camden Town

London NW1 0HU


Telephone: 020 7482 2786



10:30am -12:30 Friday 13th Dec 2019

Are you interested in the subject of domestic abuse?

Gaining the knowledge and skills to help protect you and your family?

Would you like to learn how to distinguish between non-abusive and abusive behaviour?


The Freedom Programme provides a supportive, safe and friendly environment involving structured discussions on the subject of domestic abuse and enables participants to make sense of their experiences rather than it feeling everything is a horrible mess. The programme also explores how children are affected by being exposed to this kind of abuse and most importantly how their lives are improved when the abuse is removed.  The programme focuses on the types of tactics that a perpetrator uses called ‘the dominator’, comparing this with ‘the saint’ characteristics.

The Dominator…

Shouts, sulks, smashes things, glares, calls you names, makes you feel ugly and useless, cuts you off from your friends, stops you working, never admits he/she is wrong, blames you, drugs, drink, stress etc., turns the children against you, uses the children to control you, never does their share of the housework, never looks after the children, expects sex on demand, controls the money, threatens or wheedles you to get his own way, seduces your friends/sister/anyone, expects you to be responsible for his well-being.

In contrast to this the course looks at the role of a non-perpetrating partner called the Saint.

The Saint is….

Cheerful, consistent, supportive, tells you, you look good, tells you you’re competent, uses your name, trusts you, trusts your judgment, welcomes your friends and family, encourages you to be independent, supports your learning, career etc., admits to being wrong, is a responsible parent, is an equal parent, does their share of the housework, accepts that you have a right to say “no” to sex, shares financial responsibility, takes responsibility for their own well-being and happiness.

Who this programme will benefit?

  • Anyone who has come into contact with domestic abuse
  • Anyone who is unsure what abusive behaviour is
  • Anyone who wishes to learn more about domestic abuse

Who are we? 

The facilitators, Heather Brennan and Judy Wilson, have worked and trained together since 2012 and share a passion and commitment to help abused women within their private counselling practice and with other agencies.  We are very excited to be a part of the Phoenix Rose Project and provide access to the Freedom Programme. We are BACP registered counsellors, who have worked extensively at Women and Health and at Addiction centres.



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