Sekhem Energy Healing

Sekhem Energy Healing is a non-invasive ancient Egyptian energy healing modality that is channelled through the hands, in a similar manner to Reiki, to help realign, release and shift the blocked / stagnant layers of energy around the body.

It can support and help ease emotional and spiritual distress and mental anxieties - that are the root cause of most physical discomforts - and bring to the surface issues, one is often aware of at a deeper level, that need to be dealt with. The energy works at a cellular level and so supports any changes a client seeks to make.

In the 15+ years I have been practising Sekhem, I have seen it benefit clients in numerous ways, such as finding courage and strength to stand up to and face fears, ability to cope better with grief, gain more confidence, create self-awareness, experience positive shifts in their attitude and way of thinking and feeling.

Generally after a session clients also feel lighter, calmer, clearer and more energised. Sekhem can work alongside any other traditional Western or Eastern treatment and is also a totally safe therapy for easing discomforts pre- and post-surgery and following chemotherapy and radiation - it is not, however, a substitute for any medical treatment necessary in such instances.



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