Bookings: Ad Hoc upon request

Therapy: Life Coaching, NLP

Emua Ali (PhD), (principal consultant) has over 20 years of experience of working with adults as a trainer, counsellor, lecturer and group facilitator. Emua’s background includes 13 years of working as an Equalities Advisor in the NHS and local government. She is also a lay member of the Employment Tribunals. She works with organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors both locally and nationally.
Emua works with her clients to help them develop greater self-awareness, to achieve their personal goals & to improve their personal and professional relationships. She uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) skills in her coaching practice to help overcome limiting beliefs and negative emotions like fear, sadness, anger and guilt. NLP can help to transform and regulate emotions to enable people to perform at their best. NLP does this by making the link between how our thoughts (neuro), can affect our communication (linguistic), and behaviour (programming).
Emua, your life coach brings training, experience, care, skill and absolute confidentiality. You bring any concerns that you have about relationships, lack of self confidence, values, business, career, finance, personal values, parenting, time management, health, friendships, fitness, personal development, guilt or fear. (The list is endless!)
During the early sessions you and your life coach will work together to define your own life plan. This has elements of goal setting but is proactive with an emphasis on goal achievement.
I will help you realise that you truly can be, do or have anything that you want. Your coach will be with you each step of the way as you turn that realisation into your reality. The format of regular sessions sustains your momentum, enthusiasm and motivation to ensure that the results are lasting beneficial changes - unlike the temporary ‘high’ that can follow a workshop or motivational pep talk.
I will lead you through all the areas of your life including - mind, body and emotions - without judgement or criticism. The results speak for themselves.
Emua uses her active listening skills, sensitivity, sense of humour, enthusiasm and engaging coaching style to adapt to the needs and personalities of her clients.

You are in the driving seat and your life coach is in the passenger seat. You know where you want to go, and your life coach is helping you navigate your way to your destination using your life map you have developed together.



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