Last week we launched our gardening & wellness project, Green Finger, Calm Minds’.

We had to postpone its gardening work for the moment, but we are switching to provide some classes and complementary therapies online, free or by donations,

We are pleased to announce that from this week we will be running 3 live online group classes via Zoom:

Please register your attendance via the links below and full joining details will be emailed to you:  

Mindfulness for Women 

- Tuesdays at 1pm-2pm “Mindfulness & Breathwork for Women” with Camilla (women only): 

Each week Camilla will guide you through various mindfulness practices such as breathwork, movement, meditations and self-care to help you stay grounded, energised and centred during these challenging times

Yoga Nidra

- Wednesdays at 6:30pm-7:30pm “Yoga Nidra” with Lina (women & men welcome):

Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing guided meditation that takes you into a space between sleep and wakefulness. Yoga Nidra reduces stress, helps create more self-awareness, quietens the mind, and calms emotions.

Gentle Hatha Yoga

- Thursday at 6:30pm-7:30pm “Beginners Yoga” with Diana (women & men welcome): 

Gentle Hatha Yoga is suitable for most people of all age groups and experience.  The classes will include gentle movements, relaxation, pranayama (breathing) and meditation to gently stretch the body leaving you feeling calm and grounded.

Please note that the “Mindfulness & Breathwork” class on Tuesday is for women only, and the other classes are for both women & men.

Watch this space for more classes coming soon! Please follow our #Greenfingerscalmminds hashtag and share and like our meditation/mindfulness session on social media.

Women + Health are losing money for every month that we are closed during the Covid lockdown, though we are still providing counselling and some CAMS activities online.

Please help us to rise to the ever increasing demand from local people who desperately need our support with improving their health and putting their lives back together again. If you would like to donate some money and help us survive during the Coronavirus crisis you can via this JustGiving page: or via our website:

Kind Regards

Women + Health



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